This is why I shouldn't reread books

Since I wasn't feeling the hottest this past weekend I started rereading the Pink Carnation series because I felt like I had forgotten too many of the characters and there's another book coming out in January. It's been great, those books really are fun.

But here's the rub. I have three books due back at the library on Friday that I can't renew and I have not started a single one of them. Which means I have to bunker down and read them before then. Which means I have to set aside Through Black Spruce and the RIP III book I was about to start.  I mean, there is a limit to how many books I can read at once.  The books I have out from the library I actually really want to read too they just kept getting bumped down my immediate TBR pile because other tempting books lured me away from them - Maria Synder's Fire Study (even though I don't really remember the characters so well anymore, I read the first two back when I lived in Toronto in 2007), Katie Crouch's (that sounds like the name of a Harry Potter character) Girls in Trucks and Mary E. Pearson's The Adoration of Jenna Fox (rave reviews of it on YA blogs).

The YA book will go the fastest, with the other two I expect taking about the same length of time. Do I read the one that will go quickly first? Or last? Or in between? Or do I just choose whichever is closest to me at that moment and start to plow through? Decisions, decisions.

Maintenance note: Still working on things behind the scenes. Some big changes are a-coming. Good ones, I hope. But if you see me on twitter asking where everyone is hiding the booze you will know it's not going so well. ;)