Giller longlist!

Ah, I love this time of year. Canadian book award - is there anything better? Nope, there's not. And it kicks off today with the Giller longlist. (And when they say long they are so not kidding.)

  • David Adams Richards for his novel The Lost Highway (not too excited about this one personally)

  • David Bergen for his novel The Retreat (I have only fuzzy memories of The Time in Between - The Retreat sounds pretty good)

  • Joseph Boyden for his novel Through Black Spruce (I loved his first book, Three Day Road, and can't wait to read this one, unfortunately I'm number 85 on the request list so I may just have to buy it - I bought it when I was out shopping this afternoon. )

  • Austin Clarke for his novel More (former Giller winner, might be interesting)

  • Anthony De Sa for his collection of short stories Barnacle Love (I'm not normally one for short story collections but I love the name and the stories are apparently linked, I'd be very surprised if a short story collection won the Giller)

  • Emma Donoghue for her novel The Sealed Letter, (I'm quite curious about this one, will have to add it to the TBR might be another one that I have to buy)

  • Marina Endicott for her novel Good to A Fault (interesting, would not have expected this one to make the longlist)

  • Steven Galloway for his novel The Cellist of Sarajevo (meh, seems like a typical literary award type of book)

  • Rawi Hage for his novel Cockroach (so not interested, not his biggest fan based not on his writing but some of the stuff I've heard him say, wonder if the editing problems that plagued his first book were avoided in this one?)

  • Kenneth J Harvey for his novel Blackstrap Hawco (interesting...added it to my request list)

  • Patrick Lane for his novel Red Dog, Red Dog (one review compared it to Faulkner, Cormac McCarthy and the

  • Pasha Malla for his collection of short stories The Withdrawal Method (another short story collection)

  • Paul Quarrington for his novel The Ravine (I've read some good reviews of The Ravine, but can't get excited about it)

  • Nino Ricci for his novel The Origin of the Species (I was just reading something about this the other day, it didn't make me add it to my request list and neither will this nomination)

  • Mary Swan for her novel The Boys in the Trees (I've read a review about this recently too, I'm on the fence).

A lot of what I'd expect from the Giller, not a lot to get me excited except maybe the Boyden. Anyone read any of them?

Another month or so until the finalists for the GG prize are announced.