Laaaazzzyyyy Saturday

They are the best kind of Saturday's aren't they? Truth be told yesterday was pretty lazy too. My headache put me down for the count for part of the day. I am prone to rather intense seasonal headaches. They've been fairly tolerable the last few years but it seems they have decided they do not want to play nice this September and reduced me to bed and tears yesterday. Stupid Septembers. After the worst of the pain had passed (and my boyfriend, who has never seem me with one of these headaches, recovered from seeing me stumble about the kitchen in tears trying to take pills for it) I needed to do something. TV was out - too loud. So reading it was. I have to be very sick not to read. But when you are recovering fron a horrid headache the last thing you want to do is read something new that may prove to be disagreeable. Or annoying.

Rereading to the rescue. Since I was annoyed with not being able to figure out who Charlotte was I plunged into a reread of Lauren Willig's Pink Carnation series. I read the first one yesterday and have almost finished the second one. I have found Charlotte! And Penelope. They are friends of Henrietta's. How on earth could I have forgotten the Dowager as well? Seriously, how can you forget an old lady who pokes men in the butt with a spear at a masquerade???? tsk tsk.

Of course I'm almost finished with The Masque of the Black Tulip (ha! almost said the Black Pearl....although Johnny Depp would be quite good as Lord Vaughn...hmmmmm) but we have to leave soon for an evening at a friend's place and I'm not showered or dressed which means no finishing my book until later tonight. Sigh. The things one does in order to be sociable. ;)

A post about JK Rowling winning the Lexicon lawsuit is up over at BlogHer. As is a post about the last week in Canadian politics. Pooping puffins anyone?