The Woman in White

I wasn't expecting to like The Woman in White. I had read another book by Wilkie Collins, The Moonstone, and I did not enjoy it. Looking back on it I think that I didn't mind the story so much but I think my aversion had much to do with the narration. Betteridge, while amusing now that I've finished it, I found tedious to read. Much like Mr. Fairlie in The Woman in White. People close to me know that patience is not exactly one of my virtues and Betteridge and Mr. Fairlie require a bit of patience.

The Woman in White - ill-fated love, loveless marriage, money schemes, scandal, wicked noblemen, white mice, poison, stolen identity, intrigue, it's got it all. And I liked most of the characters, including the bad guys. Mr. Fairlie tried my patience but he's supposed to.

I loved Marian. Marian was not the type of character I expected to encounter here at all. (I wonder if she makes an appearance in any of Jasper Fforde's books - if not she should.) She was strong, smart and fiesty. She's definitely moving up on my list of favourite strong female literary characters.

Thank you Carl, for hosting the RIP III Challenge. I don't know that I would have made myself read this without it.