Totally going on my TBR list

Did you know there is a romance novel series about a fictional NHL team called the New York Blades? It's written by Deirdre Martin and I really need to read it.

After reading what the judges had to dish out about 40 years of the Booker Prize I think I need to add Penelope Fitzgerald's The Blue Flower to my TBR list too. After several former judges mentioned it should not have been excluded I have to admit I'm interested in it.

I saw two reviews of Three Bags Full by Léonie Swann in the past week. It's been on my radar since Heather (of the Library Ladder) reviewed it ages ago. It will soon be time to add that to the library book request list.

And while it's not exactly an addition to my TBR list, I'm thinking that I might just maybe have to make piles like Danielle is doing. Even though she freaked me out by saying that there are only 15 weeks left this year (and now I'm probably freaking some of you out by repeating it) and I have a lot of reading to get done in that time. I'm scared to make a list but I think that I might have to make a list AND piles. Scary, scary, scary.