101 Things Update

Not much to check off my 101 things update. Zandria is doing much better at hers than I am. I think part of my problem is that I don't really like my list anymore but I'm going to try to keep plugging away at it. I've definitely done some things on it that I never thought I would (like go to Paris).

  • Try a new recipe and blog about it x10 (9)

I blogged about the Salsa Verde recipe I tried (and loved). This one item could have been crossed off months ago. I try a lot of new recipes, most often from blogs. If I can't figure out what I want to eat I usually stick an ingredient into Food Blog Search and see what comes up. The only reason that this item isn't completely finished is because I'm lazy. I hate it when that's the reason I don't do things. Sigh.

Speaking of which...I said I was going to make cookies today so maybe I should go do that...