White House Autumn

Right before bed last night I finished the second book in the President's Daughter series, White House Autumn. Again, I have comment on how well Ellen Emerson White did at updating these 20 years later. Little things like how Meg's father is involving in the rebuilding of the Gulf Coast and how Beth rags on Meg for her taste in older music. It doesn't feel like these things are updates, which I think it great

Meg and her family have been in the White House for ten months now and she thinks she's got it all down pat. She's adjusted to their new life. Things are occasionally tense between her and her mother or her and her brother Stephen (but never with Neal) but that's normal family stuff.

But then there's an attack on the President. Not only does she get shot but she spends hour in surgery with her children not knowing how it's going to turn out. Meg has to be the responsible one, she has to take care of her younger brothers. Her mother pulls out of surgery and (being a very stubborn individual much like Meg) is back to holding meetings in her hospital room shortly thereafter. Her mother is healing, but is her family? Is she?

Meg matures even more in this installment. She's still the same smart and silly character but we see the emotions more in this one. We see her strength, determination and anger. Lots of her anger gets directed at the Secret Service. Since I've only read the third and fourth books previously it's interesting to see her character develop to that point.

Ok, time to start the third one. :)