Where In The World Are Sassymonkey's Books?

So in June I preordered 4 books from Amazon.ca. Between the 4 there were two different release dates. But they were going to all come at the same time. I'd end up waiting for about 10-14 days for the book that was released first. No ideal but no biggie. Except that on Saturday I was told by Amazon that it now wouldn't be coming until mid- to end September. That's a biggie. So I emailed them back to say WTF? It got moved up to two weeks from now. Not pleased but I probably would have been ok had I not been frustrated with the email I received (service people here's a hint for you - do not tell me that something must be selected by me and then tell me it's the default option in the same sentence m'kay?). And then it didn't help matters when as I was writing the second response to them (it included that little hint) the delivery dates on the other three books went from this week to a two week window in mid-September.

I was annoyed. I was pissed. So I cancelled the first book. I then attempted to cancel the other three books but was told that I could not because they had entered the shipment process and would be shipped "soon". But it was telling me the shipping date was Sept 10-24. Um..that's so not soon.

So we went back and forth again and in the end I was told that it was a techinical error and if I didn't receive a shipment by August 4 to contact them. So today I checked my email, nada. Checked my account - still says shipping soon but shows date in September. So I emailed them, again.

It can basically be summed up as this... "Well gee Ma'am...it seems we have a mighty curious situation. It says that it's started shipped but it appears they've stopped without shipping it. I've forwarded your email to the dudes that do the shipping and hopefully they'll figure out what the heck they were smoking when they did this. In the mean time y'all sit tight and I'll check in on ya in a couple of days."

Basically, my entire order is all messed up. On average I order from Amazon.ca close to once a month and this has never happened. On Saturday I was frustrated enough to seriously wonder if I ever wanted to order from them again. That's passed. I will confess that I'm very wary about pre-orders now. And I'm not overly pleased that I still don't have an answer regarding this shipment even though I first contacted them about it on Saturday and was told it was a technical glitch and not to worry.

But mostly I just want to know where my darned books are and if/when I'll get them.