I can haz books now? kthxbye

I've been having very unusual issues with an Amazon.ca order. And of course five minutes after I blogged about it they finally decided to release my books from shipping purgatory.

About darn time. I've been wanting these books for a looonnnggggggg time. Long before I ever ordered them from Amazon.ca. Long before they were even available to order. I was thrilled when I found out they were being re-published.

Stop. Rewind a bit.

Remember last year when I got all atwitter about finding out that Long May She Reign was being released? I professed my love for Long Live the Queen and it's feisty heroine.
Meg, quite simply, kicks ass. Seriously good strong heroine. Who kicks ass.

The reason I was so excited by this new book in the series was because the last book had come out 18 years earlier. I have no clue how she managed to get another installment out 18 years later but man was I happy that she had.

And then I got finally got my hands on a copy of Long May She Reign. It was emotional, raw and awesome.

I was so annoyed about this whole package delay thing at Amazon.ca because the wonky shipment held all three re-released editions of the first books in the Presidents Daughter series - The President's Daughter, White House Autumn, and Long Live the Queen. (Yes Amazon.ca, I'm still linking to you. We haven't broken up yet but if you don't shape up I'm seriously going to return your senior pin and start dating your cousin Johnny.)

Ellen Emerson not only published an installment of a series 18 years later but she got a publisher to re-release the first three books in the series. She's my hero.

They should arrive on Thursday. They damn well better arrive by Friday. And once I get them in my hands nothing is going to drag me away from them except prior commitments (like, um, writing and sleeping) and making popcorn. Then I'll reread Long May She Reign. And then I'm going to collapse in a heap because I'm going to be all cried out and emotionally drained.

It's going to be awesome!

Especially for you guys since you don't live with me - someone might want to send Lee some cookies. Poor guy, sigh, but it can't be helped.