Breaking Dawn - spoiler-free post

If you are going to comment don't spoil it for others. If you do I'll delete it and karma will bite you in the ass.

The problem with saying that I'm going to do a spoiler-free post on Breaking Dawn means that I really can't say a damn thing. At least not in regards to the plot.

I can say this - some of you won't be happy with this. Some of you may be very unhappy with Meyer. For awhile I was very much not happy with it. But I never got to the point of unhappiness that I felt with Eclipse. The angsty Bella that was? She's not there the same way. There's still some angst but Bella discovers determination and develops a backbone in this. She's still pretty selfish but she acknowledges it at least.  Jacob made me want to kick him a few times but he too grows in this book. Everyone grows in this book.

I think my biggest complaint about the book is that I felt some characters dropped out of the book when the third part of the book started - in particular Leah and Rose. At various points they are very present and play pivotal roles but then? Poof. Nothing. Ok, maybe not nothing but way too little.

It's been stressed that this is the last book in the series as told from Bella's perspective, but that she may write more from other characters. We all know that she's been working on Edward's take on Twilight. I think she could do the whole tale through Edward in three books - and through Edward's mind reading abilities we'd get the perspective of the rest of the Cullen's. I really hope she does cover the whole story through Edward.

But, and here's why I emphasized characters - there's a new character that appears in Breaking Dawn (if any of you reveal it here I'm not joking, karma will have revenge). And if I were a betting woman I'd bet that the story is going to be carried forward to the future through this new character. I'm eventually expecting another book that takes place about 6.5-7 years in the future told via this new character and one of the existing characters. And that's all I'm saying about that.

I liked this much, much more than I was expecting to both before I started it and through the first two parts of the book. I'll still hate Eclipse but I don't hate the series. And, as you may know, I was not planning on buying this but events conspired that got me into a bookstore (seriously, don't ask) and it was right at the door so I said screw it and picked it up. I'm glad I did.