The Nasty Bits

I like Anthony Bourdain. Even if I think his voice is all wrong. I had read two of his books before I ever heard him speak and well, it's just not the voice I had for him in my head and it's wrong.

I liked his other books but I wasn't crazy about The Nasty Bits. Since it was a collection of articles that he wrote all over the place I found it didn't flow well.I never knew which Bourdain I was going to get (the cranky one? the reflective one?).

I expected to like this collection of Bourdain's writing a lot more than I did. I think that, for me, his writing needs to be a bit more focused around a theme.

While reading it though I decided that I need to add Kitchen Confidential to my boyfriend's required reading list. (What? Doesn't everyone make required reading lists for people????)