Apples to Oysters

Not only is this food-lit, it's Canadian food-lit. And it was fantastic.

I started seeing piles of Margaret Webb's Apples to Oysters pop up in bookstores earlier this year. I looked at it, I hmm'ed, I thought about buying it but I didn't. I kind of wish I had. She spends a year travelling across Canada stopping, visiting, helping and interviewing sustainable farmers. There's an oyster farmer in PEI, an orchard owner in BC, winery-owing brothers in Niagara...

I loved it. I really did.

Not only did I get to do some armchair travelling but I got to meet farmers and fisherfolk who are trying to provide great food without destroying the land and oceans. Small farms that are struggling to keep their way in the era of industrial farming. Farmers who work 365 days a year. I feel lazy just thinking about them.

But I'm mad at myself because I returned it to the library and didn't copy down one of the recipes I really wanted. DOH! Unfortunately it's not one the one available on Margaret Webb's website but there are yummy recipes there. The salt cod recipe is making me a homesick.