What's Cooking? Green Salsa

I've been trying new recipes on a fairly regular basis but I haven't been blogging about them because I suck like that sometimes. So today I'm bringing you some Green Salsa with Tomatillos, Cilantro and Lime.

How did I find the recipe? I have three words for you that will solve many a "what should I cook?" woe - Food Blog Search. I put "tomatillo" in the search box and it gave me lots of choices.

Why tomatillos? I bought tomatillos as the Farmer's Market. Coincidentally I think I freak out the guy that I buy tomatoes from (we always seem to get the same worker). We've bought $14 worth of tomatoes (4 baskets) from them each of the last two times we went there and I think he's trying to figure outwhat we do with them (we slow roast them ala Alanna and there are actually three pans in the oven right now). So on Sunday FM Guy was filling up my Flip and Go Bag (something else I must blog about) with my pile of tomatoes when I spotted something that looked suspiciously like tomatillos. After he got over my surprise that I knew what they were (I don't think he's used to people knowing that) he put those in the bag for me too.

Why did I make this recipe? It looked easy. It looked fast. It looked yummy.

Did I like it? I had to put the just made salsa in the fridge so that I wouldn't eat it all. And then I stood at the blender with a bag of tortilla chips and a spatula and cleaned the blender out.

Will I make it again? As soon as we can get our hands on more tomatillos! We're going to try to score some more tomatillos at the Farmer's Market tomorrow. We never go on Thursdays and we're going just to try to get more tomatillos so we can make this (and maybe freeze some although I am doing a very good job of filling up the freezer with tomatoes). We're hoping to score lots of them because we want to try this recipe too - Chile Verde.

Would I change anything in the recipe? I might hold back on the lime zest in the next batch. I loved how strong the lime flavour was but I want to try to tone it down a notch just to see what it would taste like. Add maybe add some of the jalapeno seeds for some heat.