Things I'm reading and thinking about

I'm really enjoying Apples to Oysters by Margaret Webb. Unfortunately I don't think it's widely available in the US but I highly recommend it for Canadian readers.

Laura is talking about bonding by books. Her book club in Tel Aviv sounds like it was quite special.

Sherwood Smith blogged about gendered reading. I do read mostly (but not exclusively) female authors. And I've noticed my guy friends read mostly male readers. Also, I seem to be more willing to read male authors that they recommend then they are to read female authors that I recommend. There's some great comments on that post too.

Hat tip to A Garden Carried in the Pocket for this link to a site of literary tattoos. As much as I love both books and tattoos I really can't think of a single literary tattoo that I'd want.

And another hat tip to Bibleeohfile for linking to this article about Penguin branching into online dating. Wasn't there a library in Australia that did (does?) book-related speed dating?