Flight 116 Is Down!

I decided I wanted to continue my trip down memory lane and read a few more books that I remember from junior/high school. Where better to turn than Caroline B Cooney? But I didn't want to read about Janie. Nope, I wanted Flight #116 Is Down because what is better than reading about a 747 crashing on someone's estate in small town New England? Nothing!

The novel is told by various people from 5pm until approx. midnight of the same day. There's Patrick, the young local boy who is EMT trained and does local rescues. He can't wait for two things to happen - to be a real EMT rescue worker and for something big to happen. There's Heidi, the local rich girl that doesn't have many friends, doesn't excel at anything and lives at Dove House. There's numerous passengers on the flight, the family members that are waiting to meet and a few other locals. The majority of the story is told through teens and children.

While Patrick was driving around wishing for something big to happen and Heidi was out walking one of her dogs a 747 crashes on her estate. More or less in front of her. Heidi makes the 911 call, Patrick is the first responder, and basically all hell breaks loose. Heidi finds a way to be useful (although she is a wee bit annoying) and Patrick finds out the disasters are not that great after all.

It's a bit light and shallow considering the topic (and the high standard of YA that I'm now used to) but still moving enough to almost make a person cry. It was a fun and nostalgic read for me.

I have another Cooney book on deck to read soon too.