Avalon High Cornation: Volume 2 Homecoming

I had totally forgotten that the second graphic novel installment of Meg Cabot's Avalon High series came out earlier this year. I thought that the novel was cute and I really loved the idea that it was being continued as a graphic novel.

But...the graphic novels are too darn short. It feels like half of of each is spent recapping what happened in the novel (and then in the first graphic novel in this case). The action just starts to get going when it ends and it's really annoying. It also looks like it's going to be much longer than is is because there's a bunch of preview stuff for Cabot's other books. Which is fine, really, but the ending without anything really happening thing? Annoying.

The recap thing is really annoying too and I don't think it's exactly necessary. I mean, they are so short as it is that I can read it in 20 twenty minutes. It seems excessive.

I still like the story thought, and I do like the art. I think that is all well done. Just less recap please.