Suite Scarlett

If you are a woman and you looking at the cover of Maureen Johnson's Suite Scarlett and wished you had that hair please raise your hand.

Thank you.

Scarlett lives in the Hopewell Hotel in New York City which sounds really glamourous until you realize that the family is all but broke and has zero staff to do any of the work. Luckily there are four children to help out and unluckily they don't have any guests. Until a Mrs. Amberson, an older with a history in show business, checks into the Empire Suite for the whole summer. That just happens to be the suite that Scarlett is in charge of and not only that, she becomes Mrs. Amberson's assistant. The job pays very well (although her parents won't let her see most of the money because they are saving it for her college education) but Scarlett soon finds that Mrs. Amberson is anything but a boring employee. Occasionally demanding yes, but not boring. And what's summer without a bit of romance thrown in? (That, of course, is also anything but boring.)

I liked Scarlett, I liked her family, I liked Mrs. Amberson, hated Scarlett's love interest. Sigh. Why do girls always fall for jerks/cads/useless idiots? Right, never mind. I know the answer to that. Right, so I liked Scarlett. There's some good family drama. There some good Mrs. Amberson drama. And the stupid boy drama. Generally speaking there's a good cast of characters that I want to see more of so luckily for me there's a second Scarlett book in the works. I have no idea when it's coming out but I'm looking forward to a return visit at the Hopewell Hotel.