Rereading Long May She Reign

After reading all the rest of the books in Ellen Emerson White's President's Daughter series I had to reread Long May She Reign. It felt as if the reading would be unfinished if I hadn't.

Everything that I said in my review last fall still stands. This stood up well to the reread test - I still liked it, I noticed little things I hadn't noticed before and I still want another book in this series.

I have no idea if she plans on writing another book for this series but I want one. I like Meg and I want to see more of her. I want to see her continue to heal. I want to see her hit the slopes and ski. I want to know if her mother will run for re-election and/or what her life will be like after her mother leaves office. Will she still have all the security? Will she still have a death watch?

Or are we just to imagine that everything, relatively speaking, is ok from then on?

Or will they catch the guy? Will she ever have to face him again?

I want more! Please?