The Plain Janes

Loved it. Loved it. Loved it.

I completely understand why everyone was raving about Cecil Castellucci and Jim Rugg's The Plain Janes. It's very rave worthy.

Jane is a fairly average teen, living in Metro City when it happens. It being a big bomb. Jane is injured but not badly and saves another man's life but he's a John Doe and in a coma. She finds his sketch book and marvels at the ways that he found beauty in the world and wonders if she'll ever see that again.

Her family leaves the city after the bomb and heads off to the suburbs where it's safe. And this is where we all fall in love with Jane. Because when she's asked to sit at the "popular" table she doesn't. She turns them down. And then she sits with a table of girls and it turns out that they are all named various forms of Jane. They are Janes.

Jane feels the need to do something so she comes up with the idea of the P.L.A.I.N. - People Loving Art In Neighbourhoods. The local community freaks out decides these spontaneous art projects are dangerous and threatening. Jane lives in a culture of fear while trying to find the beauty in life.

It's fantastic. If you haven't already done so pick up a copy at the store or library. I borrowed mine from the library and I need to buy a copy. I loved it.

Janes in Love will hit stores next month (September 2008). I'm going to guess that it is going to be a must read as well.

(Hmm maybe I need to start a graphic novels category...)