Best of Food Writing 2007

I mentioned the Best of Food Writing series a few weeks ago in one of my library posts. Edited by Holly Hughes it's been around since 2000 and until I picked it up off the library shelf I had never heard of it. But I'm happy I've stumbled upon it.

Each year a collection is published of the best food writing. In 2007 at least (I can't vouch for the earlier years) that includes food blogs. Yay food blogs! Grouped together by a theme (Cooking at Home, World Food, etc) the articles form sections and are like tiny chapters (or sometimes not so tiny chapters).

I really enjoyed this and the shortness of most of the articles would make this a great selection to keep in your bag or car for when you are waiting in lines, etc or for those nights when you are tired and want to read but don't want to get sucked into the plot of a story.

I'll definitely be requesting the rest of books in this series from the library. I think I'll work on them in reverse order rather than going back to the beginning and reading them in sequence.