Book of the Dead

I can't believe I'm saying this, because I never want to say this about any book or series, but the Kay Scarpetta series needs to die. Quickly. And not the slow painful death that Cornwell is putting them through.

Let me rewind...I started reading this series back in the last 1990s. I liked them. I like Scarpetta. Sure she could be a bit cold but given what happens in the books that's not exactly surprising. And I liked the other characters - Marino, Benton, Lucy.

But somehow, over the years and the now 14 books (soon to be 15 I believe...) I've come to revile them. It started of course with Scarpetta - she just became plain unlikable. Then Bentley. Then Lucy. Then finally Marino. (Rose, thankfully, is still likable...for the moment). The whole lot of them have become the most unlikeable characters and it's sad and disappointing.I don't think Cornwell herself even likes them anymore and they are so past redemption it's just plain sad.

Do yourself a favour - if you must read any of the books read the first few, absolutely no more than the first six. And then don't read any more. You stand a chance of still liking some of them.

As for Book of the Dead? Made me hate Marino. And hate Kay more. And hate Lucy more. And hate Benton more. As for the plot? Who cares. It's more or less the same as the last 4 or 5.

I hate it when authors make their characters so unlikeable.