101 Things Update

I'm home from vacation and bloody tired. But it's time for another 101 things update.

Completed items:

18. Go to PEI to visit my family

19. Visit Calleen (When I started this she was not living in PEI but now she is which made it way easier...even if she hadn't been we would have stopped to visit her anyway).

25. Take things to Goodwill x6 (Note: or other similar donation place) - I had two remaining on this one and we made at least 2 trips in June...if not more.

30. Plant a garden (seriously) x1 (Note - slight change on this since I can't do a garden - get a plant and keep it alive for at least a month) - Planted tomatoes and a jalapeno pepper plant. My "patio tomatoes" - yeah, I think the wrong label was put into those as they have grown to be HUGE plants. Two of the plants had to be moved outside due to an extreme aphid invasion. The remaining tomato plant has lots of buds on it so I'm hopeful. Ditto the pepper plant. They have been kept alive for a month. Woohoo! Had to move the herbs outside too though due to the aphids...I think we might be able to salvage the rosemary though. And will restart some basil and cilantro soon.

I was going to try not to buy any books in July (#4 on my list - don't buy any books for a month x4) but I sank that one on the very first day of the month. It's only kinda my fault. You see, my hometown has a museum and it turns 50 this year. So it put out a book with lots of pictures and stories about the local community. One of my relative's picture is in it. And well, it's just darned interesting. So I bought it. And I bought another book about the area that was written by one of my high school English teachers back in the '80s. Totally justifiable but oh well, there's always August (although that means I couldn't buy Meyer's new book until September...unless I preorder...).