Princess on the Brink

In a comment on my post about the Twilight series at BlogHer Tiffany said that she calls those kind of books "Crackliture". For me Meg Cabot's books are totally Crackliture. Half the time I don't think I even want to read them but they sit on the library or bookstore shelf and say, "You want me. You know you do. You can't help yourself. Resistance it futile." (Yes apparently in my world all Crackliture books are Star Trek TNG fans.)

And so when I saw Princess on the Brink, the eighth volume of the Princess Diaries books sitting on the library shelf I had to take it. There are going to be 10 books in the series. I've already read seven of them (actually maybe more since I think I read one of the "extra" books at some point). It didn't seem right to give up on them completely even though I barely remembered the seventh book but I know that I a. didn't like it very much and b. didn't care.

So...the premise for this one. Mia is starting Junior Year. She's just gotten another horrid haircut (ah high school hair cuts...I once had one that made my head look like a layered wedding cake). But worst of all she hasn't seen Michael all summer. She's been in Genovia and Michael's been busy with his special college project. The day that she's finally going to see them Lilly, of course, launches another campaign to elect Mia as president of student's council at which point she want Mia to step down and appoint her. Like she was supposed to do last time.

When Mia finally does meet up with Michael he has big news for her. That special project he's been working on all summer? It's a robot that can do heart surgery with minimal stress to the human body. There's a firm in Japan that is very interetested in developing it so that it could revolutionize modern medicine. Michael's going to Japan for a year to oversee and help with the design and testing. It will be a chance for him to prove himself to everyone who thinks that he's not good enough to date a princess. Mia, being Mia, freaks the hell out and decides that she'll get Michael to stay by finally deciding to have sex with him. Only it doesn't quite work out the way that she plans. The normal miscommunications ensue and Mia does more stupid things. And Lilly is still the worlds most horrible friend ever.

It's your basic PD book.

I know people have criticized these books because it seems that Mia never grows up in them. I understand that we'd all like to see her grow up a bit more. But as I beleive I've pointed out before, each of these books only cover a tiny period of time - sometimes as little as a week. So you can't really expect huge amounts of growth.That being said, I think Cabot has been saving up all the "Mia finally grows up and gets a clue" stuff for the last couple of books. I like Mia's character but she's a total fluffernut. She (along with Bella from Twilight) falls onto my list of Characters I Like but Mostly Want to Kick in the Butt.

Mia still has a lot of growing up to do in the last two books in this series. But so does Lilly. I'm really hoping that Lilly has a "lightbulb" moment and realizes that she's a bullying, manipulative, and just plain mean person.  Or at the very least Mia needs to realize that.

Coming up in the next book, Princess Mia? Mia deals with depression, sees a therapist, misses Michael, is confused about JP, discovers that not only is there a hate site about her but that her "friends" might be involved, discovers a secret diary that might change Genovia forever AND maybe becomes friends with Lana. I'll read it eventually...I'm only #29 on the wait list for it at the library.