Doing Penance

Last week L came home after his regular Thursday night card night and I greeted him with the words, "So I've been thinking..." For those of you who don't know me IRL perhaps the only worse words you want to come out of my mouth and directed to you are, "I have a question." (The second one is particularly troublesome when it comes out on conference calls.)

He got a bit of a deer in headlights look about him and replied, "Ok, let me have it."

I think proceeded to explain that I thought that perhaps we had gotten a bit too comfortable with our unemployed time. Don't get me wrong, we're still applying to jobs like mad. But we also were sleeping in more and more. We were turning into lumps. We've been unemployed for almost 5 months. It happens.

So we set up a new little schedule - and it sucks. And I suck even more at following it. The alarm now goes off at 6:45am. We're supposed to be out of bed by 7. That has not happened yet due to not feeling well yesterday and being damned lazy and liking the soft sheets of bed a bit too much this morning. Ok, fine. So I got up late.No biggie. But also on my schedule it says from 7-7:30am I'm supposed to do yoga.

I made the damn schedule. You would think that I'd follow it but no, no I have not. Again, yesterday I didn't do it because my stomach was not a happy camper. Me and downward dog were just not going to be jiving. Today I had no excuse for it other than that I was lazy.

So I had to do penance. Penance = the stationary bike. I hate that bloody thing and if I don't do yoga (minus a legitimate excuse) I am punishing myself with the stationary bike. My morning yoga routine takes approx 22 minutes so I have to do a minimum of 11 minutes of punishment (until that gets too easy and then the time will increase to whatever point I feel like I'm going to die and my legs feel like rubber).

I hate the stationary bike. Hate. it. I may possibly hate the stationary bike even more than an actual bike. You know those kids that would hop on their bikes and just ride for hours and thought it was the best thing ever? I was not one of those kids. I blame my older sister. Her idea of "teaching" me how to ride a bike without training wheels was to put me on it, push me and then laugh when I toppled over and scraped my knees and elbows. Ah sisterly love (our relationship has since matured). I was about 8 when I finally learned and by then figured I was doing just fine on my own two feet thank you very much.

I'm hoping my hatred for the damn bike will result in my doing yoga which I actually want to do. Time will tell.