Sher's Southern Baked Beans

I posted earlier this week that the food community was having a memorial for Sherry Cermak, the writer of What Did You Eat? We've been meaning to make some homemade baked beans around here for awhile so Friday night I set out some beans to soak and yesterday afternoon I made Sher's Southern Baked Beans.

In a word? Yummy.

We're normally a molasses or maple baked bean kind of household (we are Canadian after all). Sher's baked beans were tangy where ours are normally sweet. Since we were heading out to a friend's place for dinner we took some directly from the roasting pan* and plopped them into some Gladware to take with us. We figured since we were having hotdogs for dinner the beans would be a good accompaniment. They were perfect.

I didn't know Sher. But since hearing that she'd passed away I've gone through some of her archives (not all of them...yet). Sher didn't just post recipes on her blog - she invited you into her life and her kitchen.

Go to Sher's blog. Try some of her recipes. I guarantee we'll be trying more of them.

* There was a slight incident with me not being able to find the roasting pan. I didn't unpack the kitchen and it wasn't in any of the usual spots. The person that unpacked the roasting pan was not home. Much swearing ensued until I located a drawer.