Book bloggers it's time to become foodies

One of the things that I love about book blogging is that we have such a wonderful community. I think of food bloggers and book bloggers as parallel communities and we share much in common with them, including close friendships with our fellow bloggers. Some us even do double duty as food bloggers and book bloggers.

The food blogging community lost one of its members this weekend. Sherry who blogged at What Did You Eat unexpectedly pass away from a heart attack Sunday morning.

A Fridge Full of Food (Glenna) and Kalyn's Kitchen (Kalyn is a friend and one of my co-editors at BlogHer) are getting the word out about a memorial for Sherry. BlogHer posted an In Memorium which is getting the word out further. And I'm posting to you - my community.

Head on over to Sher's blog and pick just one of her many delicious recipes to cook this week and post about it on your blog on July 27, linking back to the recipe. Glenna has offered to add those links to the end of her tribute to Sher so Sher's family and friends can find them. Bloggers who would like their tribute linked with Glenna's post can send the link to marie9949 (at) sbcglobal (dot) net after the post appears on Sunday.

Community is the best thing about the internet and blogging. Without it we're all talking into nothingness. Please spread the word on your blogs. To your friends. To your family. To your co-workers. If you or a friend want to participate but don't have a blog email me at thesassymonkey at gmail dot com and I'll open up both of my blogs to guest posting.

I'll be cooking - what about you?