I have no shoes to wear

Seriously. I have a lot of shoes and I don't have a single freaking pair that can fit on my foot right now. I barely managed to get a pair of flipflops on today so we could run errands (why yes the library is an important errand, I need books as was Costco because we needed toilet paper...and books). I limped my way through the stores and library hoping two things. The first being that no one would step on my foot and I'm happy to report that it did not happen. If it did you might have read about a death at an Ottawa Costco because had someone stepped on my foot I think I would have passed out from the pain and whacked my head on the cement floor. Ok, so it more likely would have gotten a concussion but I've had one before and it's so not fun (it is however an amusing story...).

The second wish was that no one would look at my foot. I think this was accomplished since no one looked at me and screeched. Again, trust me on that. It's hideous. We took a photo of it earlier today and it's gotten even nastier looking since then. I like you all too much to post pictures of it (I suspect Kit-Cat would never speak to me again if I did...).

So I'm stuck in the house all weekend because I can't wear shoes. Good thing I took that library trip so I have books to keep me company.