Blossom Street

Right, so I was doing very well at continuing to update this page everyday and then something happened. I got the worst case of hives ever. I can't even put on a pair of shoes. It sucks. And I spent the better of the evenings this week on Benadryl (which seems to be doing sweet #&*% all) and have not been reading. But I did make a few trips to Blossom Street thanks to audio books. I listened to both Back on Blossom Street and Twenty Wishes.

This is the thing, I know they aren't well written but I had always like the knitting connection and several of the characters. But I think that the audio version of the books has cured me of liking anything about these. Sigh. Everyone sounded so darned insipid and annoyed. You could hear the italics that the narration added. I also noticed a lot of repetition of facts in the narration that I didn't pay so much attention when reading (most likely I skimmed over the repetition when reading them).

So now I'm on the search for a good fiction book with a knitting connection (yes, I've already read The Friday Night Knitting Club).

But on the plus side, the two audio books did distract me from how itchy and hideous my toes are. But I really don't recommend them (or hives).