Itchy and Scratchy

It all started on Sunday with an itchy big toe. By Monday evening I had a rash on 4 of the toes on my right foot. Yep. Hives. My wonderful hypersensitive to who knows what skin revolts against me once again (at least there was no wax or um..."sensitive bits" involved this time). So 10:30pm found me cruising the aisles of my local Shoppers looking for Benadryl (pills and topical). Both items secured I was positive that all would be well in a day or two.

Fast foward to Wednesday evening when the hives have progressed to blisters and the application of the Benadryl cream caused shooting pains in my foot and I all but tore out my hair. Time for a doctor's visit don't you think?

There's only a slight issue there as I still have out of province health care. Despite the fact that I can get an Ontario driver's license in less than a month it takes 3 months before I can get an Ontario health card. Which means that any medical services costs bucks. It's really not that much (particularly in comparison to the US) but it still sucks and I have that lovely "I'm out of a job and shouldn't be doing this" mentality that I need to boot myself out of. After much prodding and poking and internet searching for just exactly how bad a case of hives I really have I forced myself to go to a clinic. Because apparently when your hives turn into blisters it just may be something that you need to have checked out by a medical professional and not Dr. Google.

And you know the SHOOTING PAIN every time you accidentally wiggle a toe or something brushes against it had nothing to do with my decision either.

So off to the clinic I went and had a blessedly short wait only to have the doctor spend less than 2 minutes with me and write me a prescription. He also all but backed away from my toes while crossing his fingers in front of him to ward him off from the evilness that is my hives.

I couldn't get the prescription filled right away so I stopped back at the pharmacy after an Ottawa tweetup (which hello, was difficult enough for an introvert like me, I'd totally die from having to be social if I were at BlogHer). I get home and read the label to see this:
"Typically, it is used for inflammation and itching or for hemorrhoids. It requires several days to take effect."

Right... so not only do I have medication for my hives that is typically used for hemorrhoids but it will not produce effects any time soon. I'm thinking that as sucky and painful as hives on your toes can be (and trust me, I'm limping all over the place and they are forming on the other foot now) I really got off easy. Because having to wait days for hemorrhoid relief? That's a whole other level of suckitude.