Vacation Recap Part 3 - the end

On Monday we headed to Charlottetown because Collective Soul and the Tragically Hip were playing that night. We had bought our tickets months ago. We had to pick up our tickets and there a few things that I wanted to do in go to the Paderno Factory store outlet. So we did some shopping, ate lunch at the Merchant Man Pub and I bought a pot at Paderno that I love. AND I got to have yummy Cow's ice-cream.Then it was to my best friend's place for dinner (bbq, yummy) and then we all headed off to the concert. C and her husband had been there the last few nights (it was a three night concert series) and had scoped out a good spot. It was to the right of the stage and you could still see pretty much everything but it really wasn't at all crowded. It was, and this is very important, on the side opposite the beer tent. And for extra entertainment we were standing near where people who had done stupid things were getting escorted out. Good times!

The next day was Canada Day and we decided we wanted to keep it quiet. So we picked up my mother and took her to my town's museum. Admission was free over the weekend so we got to look through stuff (they have binders full of family histories, etc) and then we headed to the beach. I told L that the water was cold but he either didn't believe me or didn't care because he jumped right in. He discovered that Yes! Yes it is cold. Verrrry cold.


Then we wandered along the beach walking all the way down to the end where the lighthouse is. It was low tide so it made for good exploring. I found a bunch of live sand dollars (which I left, trust me you don't want to collect those - STINKY) but one that was dead and dried out enough to take home. Mom and I showed L how crabs bury themselves during low tide. We showed him which jellyfish to avoid because they'll sting you (we probably should have show these to him before he jumped in the water come to think of it). We found bar clams and even a wee little hermit crab. It was fun. I love the beach.

We dropped mom off and went to C's parents place for a dip in their pool and then dinner. And then we went and picked up mom and waited for the fireworks to start. And waited. And waited. And waited. Almost 20 minutes after they were supposed to start they finally did and lasted a whole 10 minutes! Woohoo! I love small towns.

And then we got up the next day and drove to New Brunswick. But we had a mission before we left - to find me some Lime Rickey. We looked in every store we had stopped at but nadda. Nothing. Then right before the bridge there is one last convenience store and they had it. I bought 6 bottles.

Long drive through New Brunswick with a stop in Fredericton for a late lunch and was able to see Deby of the comments for a few minutes. Stayed overnight in a B&B in Edmunston (nice place, nice room, kinda want the bathroom that we had to be my real bathroom). Up the next day and a long drive through Quebec without stopping for lunch and then we were home at dinner time.

And then I slept for two days because I was exhausted from all that vacationing. And that's the end of the trip and I can blog about something else now.