Clever Girl

I found Lauren Kessler's Clever Girl when I was trolling the stacks at the library. It sounded interesting. And I do like spy stories.

Elizabeth Bentley was the Red Spy Queen as the newspapers called her. She came from an old Connecticut family, was well educated (Vassar), travelled to Europe (apparently she had quite the time in Italy) and then joined the Communist Party, fell in love with a secret agent, became a secret agent and took over two spy rings. But after her secret agent lover dies she finds herself slowly getting pushed out by the Russians. So she turns informer and goes to the FBI.

It sounds very exciting doesn't it. It wasn't really. The life of a spy it turns out isn't that exciting after all. Don't get me wrong, it was interesting, just not all that exciting. Her life was actually pretty sad.

Overall an interesting book on something I know very little about.