Vacation Recap Part 2

You notice how I posted part one about a week ago? And then it was total silence? Well you see, I really meant to post the rest of the vacation story quickly. And then I didn't. And then there were these other things that I wanted to post but I didn't want to post those without posting about the rest of the vacation first but then I didn't so there was absolutely no posting.

Coincidentally, I do this a lot. If I have a post in my head planned but I haven't written it I'll not post something else that I want to post but then I never so write that post and the next thing I know that it's been three weeks or something. Oops.

Right so we had gotten to the rental office on time and then got to explore our vast room with it's teeny tiny table, pull out sofa, queen sized bed and tiny kitchenette.Oh and the bathroom.

Now, I liked the room. I really did. But someone day someone is going to explain the logic to me of having a big ass room that contains everything and why the heck they had to put the "kitchen" at the foot of the bed.

Also as some of you are aware, PEI has a crazy-ass recycling and compost program. So there's waste and recycling and compost but it's more complicated than that because there are these weird exceptions and such. Rhe place we were staying had all the proper containers but no notice of what goes where. So we guessed. Hopefully we were right. If not, sorry PEI for messing up your environmental thing (oh wait, you already did that this year when you lifted the can ban).

Since we had gotten in so late we went over to my mother's for breakfast (I gave my mother permission to take the day off since I was only home for four days, lol). And then talk turned to lobster. At first we thought that we'd be able to pick them up at my uncle's place but since it was the same day they started taking in traps we ended up going down to the wharf. Now I've spent a heck of a lot of time down there from the time I was the kid and my grandfather used to take me there to when I worked there in the now abandoned fish plant. But to my landlubber boyfriend it was all completely new. So in between meeting various relatives he took lots of photos (not a usual undertaking down there).Then on the way home we stopped by the beach for a few minutes to take a few pictures.

We headed home to my mother's we went where we promptly put them to death in vats of boiling hot water. And then we massacred them and ate them. They were delicious! L had never held a lobster so before we cooked them we had him hold one. And then we made him hold a cook one. And then we make him learn how to take it apart so he could eat it. In my family we don't do that thing where we sit down and everyone takes one or two lobster and that's what they eat. Quite simply our refrigerator isn't big enough to store the lobsters (plus lobsters in the shell stink up the fridge). Instead we clean them all at once (with a few nibbles here and there) and then we eat them without having to worry about cleaning them.

After filling out bellies we ended up going out that night with my sister. I got to show L a night out in my home town. We didn't quite paint the town red but there's not much to really paint. And um, I don't know anyone in my home town anymore aside from people I'm related to (that's what leaving right after high school will do).

The next day we took my mother to Charlottetown so she could so some shopping. This whole shopping on Sunday thing in PEI is still pretty new. But we got all of her shopping done even if she is as stubborn as a mule and wouldn't let us buy her anything. (What's that you say, stubborn is a family trait? I have no idea what you are talking about?)