The Professor's Daughter

I will start this by saying I know pretty much next to nothing about graphic novels. But when the Cybils tell me that The Professor's Daughter by Emmanuel Gilbert and Joann Sfar is a good one I'll believe them. And since I enjoyed it I'll agree.

The story is a bit quirky but that's what makes it so enjoyable. A mummy is somehow (they didn't really go into the specifics) is "alive" and walking around London and is falling in love with the professor's daugther while he's acting as her chaperon. Hijinks, including the kidnapping of Queen Victoria, ensue.

It's fun. It's short. Did I say it's fun? Cause it's fun.

If my egyptology professor hadn't passed away a few years ago I totally would be sending this one to him. He'd have loved it. And really, that's one of the best recommendations I can give you.