Girl at Sea

Look! It's a girl with half a head! *ahem*

I love Maureen Johnson. She's funny and silly and just plain likable. And have I mentioned lately how happy I am that I now have a fantastic library system at my disposal where I can get books like hers just about any time? I mean Girl at Sea was just sitting there on the shelf. I didn't have to request it or anything!

What's that? I've mentioned the library thing a time or two? Pshaw! I have no idea what you are talking about. *whistles*

Right, so Girl at Sea... Clio is a very lucky teenager. At least to the outsider's view. Not only did she and dad create a fantastic and uber-popular game but she gets the spend her summer vacation in Italy with her father. On a boat! A yacht really. Lucky, lucky girl. Erm maybe. It turns out that she's not so fond of her darling dad most days. Her parents split a few years ago because her dad = Mr. Impulsive and Undependable.

She's not thrilled about the Italy trip but doesn't have much choice because her mother is going away for the summer too and there's not really any room for her. And when she gets to Italy it turns out that they are on some kind of super secret archaeological mission. It's so secret that she's not even allowed to know what they are looking for and she's not allowed any contact with the outside world. No phones, not email. Oh and her father conveniently forgot to mention that his new girlfriend and her daughter would be joining them. And her family's old friend Martin. And a grad assistant that works for her dad's girlfriend...and is young...and cute...

I love Johson's books. I never actually believe that anything could happen in real life like they do in her novels but when you are reading them you almost believe it. But I think that's what makes them so much fun.