Someone Like You

I've decided I haven't read nearly enough Sarah Dessen books. I read her blog regularly and I've read one of two of her books but I think I kind of need to read them all. Somone Like You was just sitting there on the shelf waiting for me to taking it home. So I did.

Halley, yes named for Halley's Comet, is your typical teen. Her best friend is like a sister to her and her mother annoys the crap out of her. Except that she and her mother used to be best friends too. And her mother has written numerous psychology books about how wonderful their relationship is. Oops! Halley's best friend Scarlet is going through what we'll call a bit of a rough patch. Her summer boyfriend was killed in a motorcycle accident. A few months later Scarlett finds out that she's pregnant. So not only is her boyfriend gone but now she's carrying his child. Meanwhile Halley starts dating Machon who is the quintessential bad boy. We don't even know what he's doing most of the time - we just know it's bad and Halley needs to get the hell away. It probably goes without saying that Halley's mother is not crazy about the Machon thing. And that Halley gets into trouble a time or five while she's dating him.

If any of this sounds familiar you've probably seen the Mandy Moore movie How to Deal (if I were a betting woman I'd bet that you saw it on the W network seeing as it seems to play it about once a month). How to Deal is actually a combination of Someone Like You and That Summer. After reading this book and having seen the movie I was curious about what parts they took from That Summer so I had to look up the synopsis of that novel and I can totally see how they combined the two. Not having read That Summer for now I'm going to say that I think they did a great job of combining the two novels for the movie but that could change.

I really like Dessen's writing. Why haven't I read more of it? I think I should go add That Summer to my library request list don't you?