Cheesed off about book prices

I don't want to get all bitchy or anything but I'm annoyed. Seriously annoyed.

For years Canadians have been paying more for the exact same book as Americans. I've heard all the reasons (and excused). Yep, the Canadian dollar sucked the big one for awhile. But for more than a year it has been consistantly strong, it's been on par for ages and some days is worth even more than American dollar on the open market.

So it would greatly please me if publishers (who set the prices, not the booksellers) would stop sticking it to Canadians on book prices. I'm tired of it. Seriously tired with it. And I'm not even talking small amounts.

For example, John Green's An Abundance of Katherines is coming out in paperback very shortly. Let's two a tale of two Nerdfighters and please remember that the Canadian and American dollars are at par.

The American Nerdfighter goes to to order the book.

The Canadian Nerdfighter goes to to order the exact same book.

If you clicked on the links you will see that the American pays $3.99 for the book where as the Canadian pays $9.00.

What if they want to also pick up his first novel, Looking for Alaska? The American will pay $7.99, the Canadian $9.99.

If they want to preorder his new book Paper Towns? price $17.99 marked down to $12.23 and price $20.00 marked down to $14.60.

And no, it's not just Green's books. And Canadians have been paying more for books and magazines for years. What was the solution for some magazines? Remove the American price and just list the Canadian one so Canadians wouldn't know they were paying more. I'm just tired of it.

To be fair there are some exceptions to the rule. Somehow Mudbound is cheaper in Canada that the US. price $15.61 ($22.95), price $13.81 ($18.95).

What's the solution for the Canadian book buyer? If we stop buying books we'll be told the price is higher because not enough people are buying them. Ditto if we buy from an American bookseller. Me? I'll be rocking the library and when I do need to buy a book this summer I'll be shopping around for the best darn price I can.