New Library

On the way home from running some errands the other day we made a very important stop - at the library. I'm so thrilled to be back in a good library system again. I loved the Toronto Public Library. Loved it! And while the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec was much better than I expected for English books it's not the same as having the whole city library at your disposal. Unfortunately I can't get my own card yet because I don't have proof of address yet (sigh and phooey!) but thankfully the boy has a card I can use! Woohoo!

First of all, how come none of you told me that The Glass Books of Dream Eaters is HUGE! Ginormous even! Good gravy you could break a toe if you dropped it on your foot (Kit-Cat, please don't do that). Anyway, I have it and it better be as good as you've all said it is (yes, I'm looking at you...).

Other library books that I'm "fostering" (;)) are:

  • The Best Food Writing of 2007 edited by Holly Hughes

  • In Distant Fields by Charlotte Bingham (I like her war fiction, it's brain candy)

  • Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen (I've barely read any of her books which is a shame because I've enjoyed what I read)

  • Woe is I by Patricia T O'Conner (grammar book...looks vaguely entertaining

  • If I have a Wicked Stepmother Where's My Prince by Melissa Kantor (who can resist a title like that???)

Since it was an unexpected stop I didn't have a list made up but I think I did ok. I can't wait to get my own card and start requesting books.