Missing: One Saturday Morning Routine

One of the more minor annoyances of moving is that it seriously upsets the Saturday morning routine of being really damned lazy. While we had done a great job of unpacking we picked up a bunch of Lee's stuff yesterday. Basically he spent the whole day moving - it was just a half day for me. Leave it to us to do it on a day that had super humidity (how can the Weather Network report that there's 94% humidity and yet it's not raining. Shouldn't we have dew forming on our bodies at that high of humidity?). So we finished around 10 or 10:30 last night. We deserve a lazy Saturday morning right? WRONG.

This is what our Saturday mornings are supposed to look like.

  • Wake up

  • Feed the cat

  • Make coffee

  • Get newspaper

  • Have OJ and bowl of berries

  • Have coffee while either watching home improvement shows on A&E, TLC & HGTV or while reading the newspaper in the sunroom or if too cold in the sunroom read the paper while watching home improvement shows

  • Finish paper. Give up on finishing the crosswords. Continue watching home improvement shows

  • Make Saturday brunch - usually consisting of bacon or sausages and pancakes (possibly blueberry)

  • Eventually feel like you've lazy around long enough and go shower and get on with your day (this point may take hours and hours to reach)

We more or less managed this last week. But due to the fact that we moved a bunch of stuff in yesterday it feels more like we just moved in than it did last week. There was no lazy Saturday today. This is what our day looked like.

  • Wake up and actually get up at 7:55.

  • Feed the cat

  • Put on coffee

  • Get dressed

  • Load old mattress and 3 bags of garbage into rental van (which already contains 2 box springs, a falling apart dresser, a falling apart nightstand, a broken bedframe (no, not my pretty bed, Lee's crappy old bed) and a falling apart bookcase - see a theme here?)

  • Pour coffee into travel mugs (this is never a good sign...)

  • Get in truck

  • Drive to dump (note: normally we'd donate/freecycle old furniture but this stuff was broken and useless)

  • Dump things

  • Drive to Lee's parent's place to drop off the box springs (which were not broken, we just don't need them and don't have storage space for them) and have coffee

  • Drop off rental van

  • Pick up our vehicle

  • It's now 11am. Time for breakfast. Hit Denny's for breakfast rationalizing it by deciding the line up at Cora's would be long and annoying. (Dump and Denny's - we're so classy.)

  • Breakfast finished it's now time for something fun. That is a booksale. Yay booksale. Buy $30 worth of books. My books? Fiction (du Maurier, a Heyer, random stuff and Viragos (I found 5!!!!) and Pierre Burton books. His books? Sci-Fi and political memoirs.

Ok, the booksale was fun. And we would have gone even if we had been able to have a proper lazy Saturday. But I look forward to my lazy Saturday mornings. If you find mine can you return it to me?