I try really hard to behave. I swear I do. Realllllllllly hard.

But I keep bringing more and more books into the house. I don't *mean* to. It just sort of happens. Accidentally. I very rarely say when I leave the house that I'm going to go buy books. I'm far more likely to say something like, "I'm not buying any books today. Do you hear me world? NO BOOKS!" Sometimes it works. But not always. And it's when I don't say it that I really get into trouble.

Take today for instance. We left to run a seemingly innocent set of errands. None of which involved bookstores. I should be safe right?


First of all we stopped at Value Village on the off chance that they would have either containers that we could use for gardening (our sunroom is becoming container garden central) or a dresser. They didn't. But they had books (for me) and CDs for the boy (but he bought 3 Nine Inch Nails albums so I could totally support those purchases).

What did I buy? Mostly good stuff (well...kinda at least).

  • I found a copy of The Blue Castle in almost pristine trade paperback condition - the one with the green cover that I can't find a picture of online. Sure, any L.M. Montgomery book is a completely justifiable purchase (IMO) but it's not only one of my favourite Montgomery books but one of my favourite books period. I couldn't not buy. Especially for $2.99.

  • Then I found a Sarah Waters book. Affinity. I haven't read Affinity. Actually I haven't read any Sarah Waters even though I've own a (personalize and signed) hardcover copy of The Night Watch since October 2006. I know! I suck! Then I found a copy of Sarah Waters' Tipping the Velvet. I certainly couldn't leave that to a life at Value Village when it could have a home on my nice cozy shelf.

  • Then I hit the romance section. And I have a confession to make. I erm, kind of enjoy Debbie Macomber. I know! I know! But it's light and fluffy and I don't need to think, process, chew or in any way digest her books. So I picked up 6 Rainer Drive and 74 Seaside Avenue. (And I know you won't mock me because each of you has your own secret Debbie Macomber-type of comfort read but don't worry I won't make you 'fess up and name it today.)

  • Then I hit the kids/YA section. Generally speaking this isn't nearly as dangerous as the kids/YA section at a bookstore. They do tend to have books that I read when I was young like the BSC and SV series but I don't need to read them because I can just read The Dairi Burger and it's all good. But I did pick up the 4th book in Meg Cabot's Mediator series, Darkest Hour.

  • Then I hit thrift store jackpot - one of those books that you remember from being a kid but can't find anywhere - Scrubs on Skates by Scott Young. And in near perfect condition! I loved this little series. The only thing that could have been better was finding a Bruno and Boots book.

So yes, thrift stores are dangerous places.

So's Costco. We went there also looking for planters as well as The Muppet Show season 2 and pork tenderloins (there's a coupon this week in our region). Well, we didn't find the planters or the Muppets (although we did find and buy season 3 figuring we really didn't need to watch them in order...) but we did find the tenderloin,s artichoke and jalapeno dip, berries, pitas and a box set of 14 James Bond books (for only $20something). More books! It's awful I tell you, awful!

Tomorrow we're staying home. And I'm reading. And Friday we're not going near any stores (but we are picking up our new-to-us dining set). But this weekend??? Oy. There's a booksale at the Arboretum - 20,000 books. Raising funds for Friends of the Farm. It's for a good cause and all...