Important Organization Question

I need to know - how to you keep track of your books?

(Perhaps I am hoping, no doubt fruitlessly, that keeping better track of my books will actually result in me reading more of them and buying less of them...)

I keep track of the books I read by blogging them here or at BlogHer (or sometimes both). And I keep a spreadsheet (in Google docs so I can access it anywhere) or what books I've read, if I've blogged them, blogger recommendations that I want to read, etc.

But how do you keep track of the books that you own? I played around with Library Thing but I have more than 200 books and I don't know that I want to buy a membership and have to keep yet another web-based application up to date. Ditto Goodreads.

I've thought about a good old-fashioned paper journal - perhaps one designed especially for books, perhaps one that is pretty, perhaps the old standby Moleskin (I do so love Moleskins...). It has the benefit of being very portable and doesn't require electricity or the internet. But it does involve my horrid penmanship.

Or I could just continue with my spreadsheet, adding more and more tabs for "master collection" (yes, I use works like "master" to name my spreadsheets - shush!) and an unread tab, and the current "2008 read" tab and the "Challenges" tab... It has the added benefit of allowing me to sort by genre, author etc.

How do you catalogue your books? I really need to know because this is the kind of stuff that keeps me up at night.