I'm feeling...domestic

Ok, so I was thrilled that I got the Cuisinart Griddler for my birthday (among other things). I know women aren't supposed to get excited about kitchen appliances as gifts but screw that. I'm in love with my Griddler. It's been given a couple of test runs and I think I want to marry it.

First run was bacon and blueberry pancakes for Saturday morning breakfast using the open griddle option. Pancakes turned out light and fluffy and perfect. The bacon was crispy and thanks to the the little drainage cups saving the bacon fat for future use was a snap. (Please don't tell me you throw out your bacon fat. Your grammy would not be pleased.)

Last night the closed grill function was taken for a test run with some porkchops. (Side note: bought the chops at Costco and oh my goodness so much better and thicker than grocery story chops. And tastier). Put a dry rub on them and then when almost done brushed them with a bit of hickory bbq sauce. They were tender and juicy and they were just damn good.

I haven't used the panini press (not much of a panini type of person) but I'm sure it's fantastic too. And since the plates are removable clean up is easy (apparently, I don't do the dishes around here but the one who does says that cleaning them is easy and gives it two thumbs up). And that makes me happy because I hated my George Foreman and it was a happy day when I donated it to charity.

I've also gotten an itch to grow things. Like herbs. And tomatoes. This is sure to end poorly as I'm the person that can't keep a cactus alive for more than a month or two. But yet I find myself in possession of lavender, coriander, rosemary, basil, parsley and 3 tomato plants. You should start better on which will die first and which will be the last plant standing.

I think I've been without a job too long. This level of domesticity doesn't suit me.  Maybe I should read more books. ;)