I'm running away!

I'll be up bright and early tomorrow morning so that we can get a head start on rush hour. How early? Oh, we plan to pull away around 5am. Bright? Erm...perhaps me not so much. At least not until after we stop at a Timmy's for coffee. Because you can't have a good old fashioned Canadian roadtrip without Timmy's!

Of course that will also be about the time I start taking handfulls of ginger pills so that I don't get too queasy. And we're taking a cooler with gingerale and crackers in it as well. Oh and ginger cookies. And if all else fails I have emergency Gravol.

Why? Because I'm going to be in a car for oh, about 13 or 14 hours. And then the next day about another 5 hours.

Final destination? PEI. Prince Edward Island.

No, I'm not going for the Anne of Green Gables celebrations.I'm going because it's home. Because it's where I grew up. It's where my family is.

And they have a big pile of lobster waiting for me. I have to pick it up though...and cook it...and then clean it. Hey, wait a minute! This doesn't seem like such a great deal. Oh wait...I'm not paying for it. Never mind! ;)

I have a bunch of books packed, some magazines, and books loaded on to my mp3 player. Unfortunately that's all I have packed. Seeing as we're leaving in less than 8 hours I should probably go pack or something eh?

See you all in about a week. Happy Canada Day! Happy Independence Day!