Basically I failed NaComLeavMo in terms of its goal. I knew when I started it that it was not the ideal time for me to be doing it. As soon as it started I was going to be without internet for several days. And then I was playing catch up. And then, well, life happened as it so often does.

But it made me stop and think about commenting and about when I do comment and where I comment and why I comment. And after that, and missing some important posts on some of the blogs I read most frequently but that got buried in my huge lists of feeds, I did some reorganization and now those posts won't go missed again. I'm trying to be a more active commenter in general, but especially on those blogs, especially within my own community.

NaComLeavMo contained mostly blogs that I did not know - blogs that I don't consider part of my online community. Yes, there were blogs from across the gauntlet of topics that bloggers cover but not many that I follow. It was great to read and see different communities, even if it was sometimes heartbreaking reading some of the stories on the infertility blogs.

I read a lot more posts than I commented on. Why? Because, especially in terms of some of the infertility blogs, I felt like an outsider. Some of the posts on blogs are deeply personal and it just felt wrong to me to do a drive-by comment. I felt like I was being intrusive. But I read and I explored and went to many blogs I probably would not have found my way to if not for NaComLeavMo.

Thank you to everyone who commented here. And my apologies if I did not return the favour.