Summer Reading Lists

It's started - the summer reading recommendations lists. And they are not being nice to my (at the moment nonexistent because I don't have a card yet) library list. Like this summer reading list from NPR? Can I have everything? Please?

Best-selling authors are giving their rec's at Real Simple.  And OMG some of them made me laugh.  Like Nelson Demille suggesting Machiavelli's The Prince? Oh yeah, that's going to be so. much. fun. when you are sitting poolside.

I really like the Summer Reading '08 website set up by the Queens Library, New York Public Library and Brooklyn Library, even though their "kids" book list stops after grade 6 and they only have one "teen" reading list and it's not very long. But the ALA has lots of lists to fill in the gaps.

I need to start my summer reading list. Or set a summer reading goal (because you know I have such a good track record of finishing challenges/goals...).

What's everyone doing for summer reading this year?