101 Things Update

It's been awhile since I've done a 101 things update. Nothing very exciting this time, ie no Paris trips or anything. ;-) (But I'm reading two or three bloggers who are currrently on vacation in or going to Paris and the newspaper had a thing about Paris yesterday and I WANT TO GO BACK. sigh.)

5. Read all the books I have checked out of the library x4 2 - I took a bunch of books out of the Montreal library in April and I read them all. I did not fair so well in May. Will be hitting up the Ottawa library soon. :)

25. Take things to Goodwill x6 2 (Note: or other similar donation place) - Dropped a bunch of stuff off at the Sally Ann in May and will likely be doing another trip this month. Moving has a way of doing that...

29. Organize the kitchen cupboards x3 1 - moving does cause one to do that and I've moved twice now (note that moving was not on the original 101 things list...sigh). And the kitchen cupboards will likely be reorganized within another week when we pick up our new dining room set, including a hutch!

32. Clean out the bathroom cabinet x4 1 - Again moving does tend to make one do that.

46. Clean my desk x6 1 - again with the moving

55. Buy renter's insurance - done!

63. Eat breakfast every day for a week x5 - I've probably had this one complete for a few months now. I now eat breakfast everyday...except maybe on moving days.

I really need to start focusing on getting some of this stuff done. I really thought that I'd be done with at least one of the reading challenges by now...