I really should have put more time between Cornelia Funke's books. I liked Inkheart, really I did. But jumping into Inkspell right away was a bad idea. My brain was tired of the characters. Tired of the story. And tired of the characters not behaving in ways that I expected them to behave.

I didn't dislike Inkspell but I didn't particularly enjoy it. There were moments where I did, where I thought I'd start to get lost in the story and then well, it just didn't happen.

Meggie was getting all soft over a boy. Dustfinger was being all...noble. Farid was just plain annoying. Fenoglio was being a silly old man.

It just felt like things weren't right. There's a certain amount of irony in that statement if you've actually read the book.

I feel like the book could have been trimmed down - like it was too long.

I'll still buy and read Inkdeath when it comes out in the fall. But I'm not exactly holding my breath for it either. And I'll be making sure that I'm in the right mood to read it when I get to it. ;-)

And on a happier note - this is the last book I needed to read for the Once Upon a Time II Challenge. Woohoo! Just A Midsummer Night's Dream left!