Stronger Than Dirt

You know those stories you hear of where someone just picks up and does a complete lifestyle change on a wing and a prayer? This is one of those stories.

Kimberley Schaye and Christopher Losee where living in Brooklyn when one day someone planted an idea in Chris's ear and a wildflower bouquet on their kitchen table. Kim saw a beautiful bouquet. Chris saw another life. Before long his bedside table was overflowing with books about farming and gardening and wildflowers. It didn't take long to go from that to buying a farm which they named Silverpetals Farm.

When they bought the farm it was nothing but land. Chris built their house mostly by himself even though he'd never built a house before. They started their first seedlings in the bedroom of their rented apartment. They eventually moved to the farm, mulching, planting,  and working long hard days (Kim, at first, still kept her job with the Daily News). They did somethings right, other things wrong. They discovered a lot about farming for profit and how profit can depend on a lot of things including the weather.

It's an interesting read to do right after Animal, Vegetable, Mineral. Sort of similar and yet not at all. Where as Kingsolver was farming to provide for her own family Kim and Chris farmed for profit, selling their goods and wildflowers at farmer's markets in the city.

It's an interesting look at city dwellers gone rural and how you really can change your life - you just have to have the guts to do it and be willing to work hard and get dirty.