Dear Linens 'n Things Canada

Dear Linens 'n Things Canada,

It pains me to say it but you kinda suck. Oh, your brick and mortar stores are great. We've received great service at them. But your online store and its associated customer service? It blows goats.

We've given your online store a shot. We've ordered from you twice in the past month. And both times we ran into the same problem - you won't ship us what we ordered. Yes, we did get part of our shipment but you wouldn't ship us our sheets even though your website said that they were available.

Your website allowed us to order them but then a few days later we got the message that while they are available they are not available to us because we live near the wrong warehouse. Yes, that's right. The sheets we want (two separate and totally different sets) are sitting in a warehouse somewhere and we want to buy them but you won't ship them to us because that's not the right warehouse for our area.

I get that costs for shipping are going up. But I also know that you, unlike many online companies these days, are indeed charging me for shipping. I have the bill. It's right there under "shipping". So please explain it to me - I want to buy the sheets and I've said that I'll pay for the shipping so why will you not ship me the sheets that your website let me order?

Here's a thought - if you aren't going to allow me to buy the darned things how you let us know that up front on the website? It's not that hard. All you have to do is add a widget where I can put in my postal code to see if this order is in stock at the warehouse that actually ships to me. Or an even more radical idea - you could actually ship the sheets to me since I'm already paying shipping. It's sheets - not a full set of bedroom furniture.

If you must take an item off my order it would be nice if you adjusted the shipping costs and taxes of said order without us having to call you. Because charging us those costs on something we can't get? Not cool (also possibly a wee bit illegal).

So while you may taunt me with your reasonably price high thread count sheet sets (with two extra pillowcases) I will not fall victim to your wily ways and crappy service again. Linens 'n Things Canada online - you are officially persona non grata'd at Chez Sassymonkey.

Signed your unsatisfied customer,