How I Live Now - Audiobook

Yes, another one. I've been on an audiobook binge.

First of all - Wow! Not quite what I expected. What was I expecting? Something closer to Susan Beth Pfeffer's Life As I Know It.

Second of all - Has Meg Rosoff's How I Live Now been challenged/banned anywhere? Because I can totally see some people not liking the Daisy/Edmond thing one itty-bitty bit. Or the anorexia stuff either. (Hmm just checked some Amazon review and yep and yep on both those counts...)

Third of all - potentially triggery due to violence, eating issues and incestuous relationships.

Taking all of the above into context - I absolutely completely get how How I Live Now won the 2005 Printz award. Daisy's voice is both typical of a teen and completely not. It's raw and real.

Daisy lived in Manhattan at a time somewhere, but not too far, in our future, before being sent to England to stay with her aunt and cousins. The world is either in a war or on the tip of a war - no one is exactly certain, least of all Daisy. She doesn't care too much either. She's too concerned with her evil stepmother and punishing herself and her family by not eating. But then once she's in England everything changes. The war happens. Love happens. Horrible things happen. And the novel is the story of how she survived it and how it brought her to how she lives now.

While Daisy was an interesting character Piper completely stole the show. Piper is one of the best characters that I've seen in a novel in a very long time. Sweet, shy, innocent but at the same time completely other-worldly and resilient. She's a truly great character.

I've skimmed through some reviews and there were some issues with the punctuation - or lack there of - in dialogue. This completely does not come through at all in the audio version. The audiobook was really well narrated.

I'm curious about Rosoff's other novels (this was her first) but I have a feeling they are the type of novels that it's best to space out a bit. And that you shouldn't expect anything too "typical" from her because she's not afraid to go to places people stay clear of.

(And Cat - you were right in your comment on Stephanie's post - this is not a you book at all.)