Helping Mothers and Children for Mother's Day

I always struggle with what to get my mother for Mother's Day. First of all, she always says she doesn't want anything. And whatever I get her must be mailed to her (unless I am going home in the near future at which point I just pack her a care package). And then there's the pesky thing where my birthday is close to Mother's Day and she goes and puts money into my bank account and I feel like I'm just using it to buy her a present anyway. So I'm always on the lookout for something good...something a bit different.

I've toyed with the idea of giving my mother a charitable donation a few times but I've never found the right one. It needs to be something that helps people but also something that I can tell her what her money does. A generic donation just won't cut it. And yes, I do have my favourite charities (Doctors Without Borders and public libraries top my personal list) but those are my charities, not mom charities. You know what I mean?

After BlogHer launched it's BlogHer Acts Donation project in April I checked it out. I had some money sitting in my PayPal account that I really didn't need to do anything with. It wasn't a lot. Only $25. So I gave it. You are probably sitting there thinking that $25 doesn't do a lot. You'd be wrong.

I gave money to two different projects that day. First I bought some kids school lunches. I believe in education. I believe that education opens doors in ways that we cannot imagine when we are children. I believe that education put me right where I am at this moment (rather literally as the university I graduated from is only a couple of blocks away). When I was a kid I skipped my lunch a lot of days at school. That is a total luxury. Had I not had the lunch available to me I'm sure I would have been begging for one. And all around the globe children go to school without lunches. I donated a whopping total of $15 to buy girls school lunches in Burkina Faso. Do you know how many lunches that bought? It bought 50 students a noon meal.

I still had $10 left. I wanted to make that $10 count. After weighing all the options I decided to donate the money to a mother and child health clinic in rural Nepal. What did that mere $10 do? $10 runs the clinic for 2 days or a year's worth of health care for 5 women and children.

I knew that I had found the type of charity donation that I was looking for. The type that told both me and my mother that the money was making an impact. That it was really helping. So yesterday I donated $50 to that health clinic in Nepal. $50 provides 10 day's worth of operating costs for the clinic or provides a year's worth of health care for 25 women in children.

There are other options than the ones above. Go check them out. You'll notice that a Myanmar Emergency Relief for the cyclone victims was just added.

The ones I donated to are the ones that speak to me the most. And the one that I think will speak the most to my mother. As a mother of seven children I think that she'll like providing care to another women and her children.

Aside from giving money yourself you can give by commenting at Writing: My Life. For every comment between May 5 and May 9 smtwngrl is giving $1 to one of the charities (cap of $100).

What are you doing for Mother's Day?